martedì 20 settembre 2011

No Disneyland :( no psychology :( but also no despondecy!!! Because I'll never give up!!!! ;D

September... Strange month! A lot of things are happening to me!
I found that in a town next to mine there will be the casting to become a character in Disneyland
Paris!! I was very happy!! But I made some research and I found that in Disneyland Paris there's
not the character of Kim Possible! D: big delusion... Any way I decided to send the email for the
audition, just to see if they would call me... And they convocated me!!! O_o OMG!!! Now I'm sooo
angry because I COULD REALLY BECOME KIM POSSIBLE IN A DISNEY PARK but I can't just because Kim is
not in Paris!!! So I decided to create another petition! A petition to bring the character of Kim
Possible in Paris!!
This is the link to this petition
Any way, I finished the High School and I'll dedicate more time to my dream to become KP in a new
Disney Production, any way now I also have to attend the first year of the University! I really
wanted to study psychology, if I couldn't become an actress I would like to become a
psychologist! I've always known what to do in my life... But unfortunately I didn't pass the
exams to attend the psychology University and now I'll have to attend another University even
though I don't care about this one because I really wanted to study psychology :(... I'm a little
sad right now for this reason :(
However, I know that everybody has his/her own destiny, and it means that I didnt' have to study
psychology (I mean for this year, I don't know about next...) and that I didn't have to work in a
Disney Park... What does fate want for me?? Will I achieve my objective?? I don't know, but the
only thing I know is that I will do anything to make my dream come true!!

Love, Giulia :)

sabato 30 luglio 2011

It's time to go on with my dream!

Ok... I gotta admit that during these last months I didn't publicize my cause as I did before... Any way, now that I finished the high school I've got more free time to make my dream come true! I'll try to study psychology too, but I really want to go on with my objective and I think this is the best period of my life to make my dream come true! I'm 18 years old, I'm finally graduated and if I wish it, I could start to work, so I gotta go on with my dream! I know that I still got to attend other acting courses and practice my English more and more, but I swear that I would do anything to make my dream come true... To finally act in a Disney production as Kim Possible!
I think that I could also try to work in a Disney park as Kim Possible, but the only park I could work in it's Disneyland Paris Resort... I admit that I'd like to work in the Disney Resort of Los Angeles, but I can't because I've got residence in Italy and I don't have the green card to work in the USA... So maybe I'll try to work in the Disneyland Paris Resort! It would be a great occasion to play the part of Kim Possible and to work with the Disney Company!

Any way, now I've got 110 signatures (I know it's a very small number but I never get desperate and I'll try to get a lot of other signatures!)...
People donated $190 to my petition! (I didn't expected it!)...
15320 visits to my YouTube channel (it's a small number too, but I know that if I'll do anything to publicize myself, I can reach a big number of visits!).
xoxo by Giulia

lunedì 18 ottobre 2010

That's how I'm focusing quite hard on my objective! 18/10/2010

I think everyone has a dream, but there are two different types of people...
There are the people who just like to dream, dream on and on again. They don‘t do anything to make their dreams come true, and maybe if their dreams begin to come true, they even feel afraid beacuse they just want their dreams to remain so.
Sincerely I don’t really understand these people, in fact I don’t belong to their category, I belong to the other category of people... The people who try to do everything to have what they want! The people who fight! The people who focus hard on their achievement!
3 weeks ago I created the petition "Giulia Modesto For Kim Possible", this is the web site
Till now I've collected 54 signatures of people who support me, however I don't count just on this petition, but I also count on my YouTube channel! If millions of people will visit my channel, I think that the Disney Company or a Disney Producer could hear about me, and they could personally make my dream come true! I started to publicize my YouTube channel at the same time of the petition... and till today I've had 2705 visualizations! I just gotta keep it up! ;-)
Publicizing my YouTube channel and my petition takes me more than one hour per day... It's a lot of time for me that I attend the last year of High School and I usually have a lot of homeworks, but I'll keep publicizing whatever comes!

giovedì 14 ottobre 2010

Hi web peeps! 10/14/2010

Hi web peeps!
I am Giulia, I'm 17 and I am an Italian girl. I've always wanted to become an actress and I've always wanted to live in the USA! I'd love to stay in LA!! As you can understand I believe in the American dream! :-)
Everybody says that I look like Kim Possible, I've got green eyes and auburn hair, and my character is also similar to hers! In fact three of my qualities are confidence, perseverance and humility, while three of my faults are perfectionism, narcissism and stubborness.
My biggest dream is to have the role of Kim Possible in a Disney Production, I would be blissfully happy! I have this dream since I've seen the cartoon for the first time! I was only 12!! And I'm trying to do everything to make my dream come true!

I've opened this blog because it could be one of the things that could help me to make my dream come true! So I'll tell you every step of my long climb to the success! I know it won't be easy but I really believe in myself!!

Now I've just opened this blog, but you can check me out also

on my YouTube channel

on my Explore Talent page

on my Twitter account!/GiuliaModesto

and on my Cheez Burger account

Well, this is just an introduction about me :-) Wait the next post to know more... x x